From Victim to Creator – Change is possible

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Everything we experience, every situation that we encounter, every occurrence in our lives is a mirror for our inner program, a reflection of our beliefs, thoughts and feelings, our inner Hologram. Only when we fully understand and integrate this concept, can we be free and stop feeling like victims. No matter how tragic or unjust a situation may seem, life is always playing on our side. With every experience that you have, you are given the opportunity to go even deeper into yourself, to feel more deeply and to heal more profoundly. 

What many spiritual traditions refer to with the term Maya (illusion), or “as within, so without” is the fact that we perceive the world through the prism of our accumulated programs and experiences and that our thoughts and perception act as creator of our own reality. (that the energy that we emit has a creative power).

What the movie of our lives is showing us, what life brings to us, is always our own creation, the responsibility for what is happening to us is only ours.  Although it may look as coming from the outside, there is always a part in us, that co-created what we perceive as reality. When we are aware of this, we can tap into our own power of creation and just be with what is, without judging it.

Understanding this in all its importance, deeply internalizing it and responsibly dealing with it are the premises for any profound transformation. Otherwise we are putting ourselves into the position of a victim and think that others, the circumstances or the society are to blame for how we feel and what is not working in our lives.

Then we fall into our own confrontational reaction patterns such as defensiveness, avoidance, reproach, guilt trips and self-pity. Any act of blaming, finger-pointing or justification arises from our inner unawareness and is a rejection of our own creation. Any affirmation on the lines of ‘I want this to be different than it is’ is a NO to life. The explanation for this is that we don’t want to feel what we feel so we start to fight it, to react and to entangle ourselves in power plays.

The workshop with the motto “From Victim to Creator” offers you the possibility to face yourself more deeply, to look at limiting belief systems and patterns, to let go of the old and welcome the new so that you become master of your own life.  With the help of guided meditations, exercises for healing the inner child, trance journeys, sharing, awareness and presence exercises, forgiveness rituals, new healing techniques such as quantum healing, you will be able to dive deeper into the realm of your inner experiences and you will receive the tools with which you can shape your own reality.

6 sessions on Sundays from 17:30 to 20:30


Energy exchange: 240 €

Dates for 2018 are being planned and will be published here.